Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grilled hot dogs and a two girl party!!

Grilled hot dogs. Yummy! We had a BBQ today. After my AA meeting, me and Jules went up the grocery store and bought hot dogs and some charcoal to grill out. Such a good idea! My AA meetings are going good I guess, I still want to get high but I can't do that I'll lose everything I have. I've been making some money a lot of calls coming since I changed that Craig's list ad with my ass first. I do have a nice ass! Jules isn't so mad at me anymore. She understands my addiction, and is helping me. Anyhow, I talk to my daddy he said everyone at home misses me. I may have to go home for a minute just to see everybody. I know I'll not work for those days and be behind in rent. Jules ain't driving much. She got stiffed driving all the way out to a mall in Pahrump. She drank all my beer being pissed off! It's ok Jules is my best friend. After the sun goes down I'm going to meet up with Mr. Freddy, he wants a two girl party. I don't know who the other chick is just hope she's not nasty!!!

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