Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jules is back!!!

Oh Lordy!! Jules came back, she was mad at me but decided I needed help, so I'm in AA. I went Sunday there's an AA at this church, so after a quick Sunday date I went to church!! The good lord will now except the phrase "sweating like a whore in church"!! Jules came back that's what all I need. The lady in 218, wanted to smoke with me but I said I was going to AA, that bitch laughed at me!! The other lady winked at me and wished me luck!! Jules and me went to this buffet for lunch today at the Excaliber. I am stuffed! How I'm gonna work tonight with this big belly!! It's so nice to have Jules back, she's my best friend! Hell my only real friend! My new craigs list add is my behind! Best part of me. I've had a lot more calls. Not awesome money but good $150-$200 each time I'm out. Pays the bills, keeps us a nose above desperation. I'm going shopping this afternoon for sexy clothes from one of these outlet malls. That always makes me happy :)

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