Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wheelchair Adam and lake Meade!

Yawnnnnn…I am exhausted! Last night was one of the funniest nights I've ever had! I got a call from this guy who say my ad, he saw last weeks picture of my butt and wanted me to spend some "time" with him. So beings that I'm broke I said sure what the hell?? I get to his hotel on the top floor of the Wynn and when I get there I see he is in a wheelchair. No feeling from his neck down. I forget what the fancy word for that is! So I try to be nice and act like I'm not noticing the wheel chair. We talked for a minute and he said he called me for "company" no touching, no sexy nothing. Hell I already like this set up! He was talking about everything and so was I, he's from South Carolina, then the wreck that caused him to be in a wheel chair blah, blah, blah. He's a nice guy I could talk to him all night. So after a bit he said "let's go for a ride!!! Off we go, were going to lake Meade! In a friggin' limo!! What??? For real! I never been in a real limo! That as so FUN, I had a few drinks and stood up and put my head through the sun roof which was FUN as hell! we got to lake Meade and I got to feed the carp and just chill on his house boat! Now that is so awesome I can't wait to tell daddy!! All night till about 5 am, I was getting tired and so was he I could tell. He told me I was beautiful and if he could he'd kiss me and we'd do it lmao! His name is Adam, he dropped $500 dollars on me! He said he'd call me again, I sure hope so I like him :)

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