Friday, October 5, 2012

Could have been choked to death.

Hey y'all. I've had a rough couple of days. I got picked up off the street and got the shit beat outta me. This guy seemed so normal, he was polite and just low key. The next thing I know he punches me in the eye hard! Then he tried to choke me! I grabbed his junk and squeezed as hard as I could! It worked he took his hands off me and I had the chance to bolt! I ran to this tattoo parlor and they called the police. I got a shiner as big as an orange! The police came and took a report. Big deal. This man was out to kill me and the best they could do was a frigging report. It's because I'm a whore, if I was any normal girl they'd have dogs out searching and cops at every intersection. I think I'm going home for a week to just chill. I called daddy and told him what happened and he just wants me home. I haven't seen Jules she's probably out there chasing that pipe. She has a hard time staying away from meth. I'm done for now but y'all saw hi to me! I need your good words!

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