Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When alls left to be said, go swimming!

Look out Vegas I'm back at it! Choked or not I'm done letting that shit get me down!! I was dancing last night with my red bikini and my red shoes! So cute in that outfit if I do say so my damn self! Made ok money enough to keep me at the motel another week. If I didn't blow my money as soon as I get it I'd have something. Between cigarettes, beer, shopping and gambling all I do is barely get by. This girl at the club saves every dollar she makes outside of cigarettes and food. She's trying to get home to Kansas. She's a bit strange, lives in a motel with 3 other chicks. She ain't so pretty but she sure makes that money. My craigslist ad hasn't had a call in damn near a week! I'm gonna have to update that. But first I'm going swimming! Thanks for reading friends!

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