Sunday, October 14, 2012

Damn perverts :(

You are not gonna believe what happened!!! I strung a clothes line outside right behind my room. It's private, you can't see it from the street. I hand washed my things I wear to dance in and some nasty fucker stole everything on the damn line!!!!! What the hell now what am I suppose to do for work clothes! I got $23 dollars to my name. I got to come up with a date soon! I'll update my craigslist ad and see if I can get a date. This is when you get messed up. Start taking chances without considering all the things you should be paying attention to. Is he a business man? Is he clean? Will he not strangle me?? I need money and I can't dance now, even my red bikini is gone! I guess I could find an all nude dancing job! I just want to go swimming but I got to think of something to do to make money. I bet it's that creepy old man staying in room 114. He's weird and is probably wearing them around his room! Damn perverts!

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