Friday, October 12, 2012

Picking up strays.

So let me tell you what happened last night! This girl at the club was trying to dance and make her money. Her dumb ass boyfriend came up to the club with a bag of Mc Donalds for her. She needed it don't look like she's eaten in a damn week. Anyhow, he put a rig, or a shot full of heroin, in the bag so she could dance high I guess. The manager of the club opened the bag and saw it, called the police and had her arrested!! I feel sorry for her. She's an addict, a nasty stripper and now she has no job. I know all choices she made. But, she's past having a good time on heroin now she has to have it. I just hope she finds the strength to pull herself up before she dies. My life ain't so bad when I see how she's living. If I had a big farm somewhere I'd take in all the strays. So they could live free. I'd pick up the stray dogs and cats too!

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