Sunday, November 4, 2012

I got fired :(

I had this guy call me for a date. He's a horse breeder. Good sex, great tipper! He talked a lot about horses. I guess he makes a lot of money. Today is not the best day for me. Miss Susan's sister is smoking crack and I can smell it. Makes me jones so bad for it. I just want to go over and smoke with her. Damn Jules ain't here she'd help me by taking me out for a while. I got money in my pocket too, oh god what do I do. If I go over there I'll burn up every dollar I have. Damn! oh, I did get fired from the club. The boss caught me and this other chick snorting coke! Every girl there does coke but it's just me who gets fired. Fuck that job I can live off my dates. I'm in a bad mood, sorry about that.

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