Saturday, November 10, 2012

Found my red bikini!

Guess what I found today??? My red bikini and my other dance panties that got stole off the line! Can you guess where I found them??? Under the matress in that damn perverts room! I was chatting with the maid when she come by his room, she knew about someone stealing my stuff. Anyhow, she went to flip the mattress and found them all laid out! Fucking weirdo. I knew he took them. I'm going to just washing them and carry on with it! He moved out, I'm a whore so how nasty could they be? Lots of washing will get them clean. It's nice to have my red bikini back, I look so hot in it! I did get to see an old friend yesterday. Remember that big guy I saw that was in town for the poultry convention?? It was a while back, any way he called, he was in town for a bachelor party. He wanted me to dance for the party. Hell yeah, that is straight up easy money!! No sex just dancing! Made a little more then $300 including tips! So I'm gonna smoke me a cigarette and drink this beer Jules just brought in. Y'all write to me!

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