Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jail sucks

So here I am, back from jail. Damn street whoring ain't for me anymore! I sat it out hell I don't want to go through all that court bullshit. Jules took care of things while I was gone. She really wants to go home for Christmas. I do too, I could do about a week at home. Honestly I'd go today but I don't want to ride the damn greyhound! Still bummed about being in jail. It is my way of earning a damn living! I would say it is a victim less crime but there is a victim, me. There ain't another job I can work and get by like I am. I'm not suited for anything else now that I'm a whore. I need to go home, need that Kentucky air. Should I go back to the bunny ranch? I won't get arrested but I'm so bored there! Auugghh, what to do. Maybe I need a new boyfriend! A nice guy with a big heart. None left from what I hear. I'm going to Kentucky fuck it I miss my daddy!

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