Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, new life, same shit!

Happy new year everybody! I'm still in Kentucky with daddy but I'm heading back to Las Vegas tonight. Had a nice Christmas with everybody. I run outta money after Christmas! Nothing much to speak of really, getting fat here with all this good food!! I'm wondering what's going on with my body I missed my period. Wouldn't that be some shit if I'm pregnant!! Omg I can't be!!! Thought I could not get pregnant? Trying not to think about it. Jules left me, she was gone when I got back from the grocery store. Ain't seen her since. That was the day after Christmas, I'm guessing she went back to Sam. She can't live down and out too long. Fucking bitch. Whatever I got to focus on me! Leaving on the bus at 7:20. I'll miss my family but I gotta head out. Hope I'm making the right decision to go back to Vegas. I wasn't doing so bad there. I kinda like my screwed up life!

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