Friday, January 16, 2009

First night on the job!

      Look at me workin'!  I made $54 last night!  Damn my feet are killing me.  I got to get some comfortable shoes for tonight.  It was slow because it was so cold outside.  I am so happy to have a job.  Should I stay here for a while? Stay focused on my bunny ranch job? Go home to Kentucky? No I don't want to go home to Kentucky.  I can do this, I can start and finish something and be good at it. Damn I need some epsom salts to soak my feet in, I gotta work again tonight!

     My man friend come by to see me at the bar last night.  He was acting weird like I thought we was in a relationship or something?  I don't want nothin' from him, damn!  Whatever!  Monday I'm gonna have to come up with $160 for another week at the Budget Inn, or be on the road to Las Vegas! It's exciting knowin' change is so close!

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